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Who is Dudley Saunders?

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The truth is, Dudley works in multiple fields. Click any of the sub-categories below for in-depth writeups with accompany reference links.


Dudley is a veteran of New York's experimental music scene, by way of both the avant-jazz "Knitting Factory scene" and the East Village "anti-folk" scene.

Dudley's first CD of his own songs, RESTORE, was released on Fang Records in 1996. It was produced by Chris Cochrane (of NO SAFETY) and was nominated for a GLAMA Award that year for "Best Debut." It was widely reviewed - even receiving what is purported to be a rave review in an Italian newspaper that Dudley has never been able to translate.

Dudley joined the band SUCK PRETTY during the same year to collaborate on Chris Cochrane's own songs. This led to the band's only album, 3 HEADS, released on Knitting Factory Works in 1997.

Together with Chris Cochrane and Jesse Hultberg, he organized the "New Tribe" music series (circa 1997-8) at New York's Performance Space 122 to present underground gay music artists to the public. During the series, he received a grant from Meet The Composers for his own music.

Along the way, Dudley has appeared on a number of other recordings, including THE BRIAN WOODBURY SONGBOOK on Some Phil Records (singing "Someone Who Died"); THE BRIAN WOODBURY VARIETY ORCHESTRA on ReR Records (singing "Shenandoah"); Chris Cochrane's BATH on Avant Records (singing harmonies on "Patricide" and "Faith"); and Chris Rael's JOHNNY TIBET: COWBOYS IN INDIA (harmonies and solo break on "Dinosaurs") on Ponk Records and Cindy Rickmond's "Let Me Love". In 2009, he sang and recorded Chris Rael's new pop opera ARABY, based on James Joyce's THE DUBLINERS.

In 2002, Dudley wrote and recorded the theme song for the film THE PROCESS with Billy White Acre. Four other tracks recorded with Billy (along with one from the vaults) form the EP THE BILLY WHITE ACRE SESSIONS+, released on Fang Records in the summer of 2005.

In 2006, David Poe put Dudley together with arranger/bass player Milo Decruz to record THE EMERGENCY LANE, released on Fang in Summer 2007. The album featured a line-up that included musicians from the bands of DAVID BOWIE, DUNCAN SHEIK, BECK, PAULA COLE, MARIANNE FAITHFULL, LEONARD COHEN and RUFUS WAINWRIGHT.

One interesting tidbit: In 1996-ish, Dudley agreed to sing an evening of songs by Brian Woodbury at New York's Dance Theater Workshop, dueting with an unknown female singer. During rehearsals, she asked Dudley listen to tracks for a new song she was recording. Six months later, that song appeared on the soundtrack to the film REALITY BITES and soared to Number 1. Yes, that girl was Lisa Loeb, and that song was STAY. Too bad those duets were never recorded ...

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